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Fish Can Be Bitches Too

Yesterday I added two new ghost shrimp to my tank. But more to my enjoyment were the two free snails I got from the pet store. I asked the wife of the owner if they were selling them, even though I assumed they were because there was ink on the tank that read $3.99 per snail. However, the snails I wanted were extremely tiny. Maybe one third the size of a tic tac. How could a snail that small be $3.99!? And luckily, they weren’t. She gave me two for free, which pretty much made my day.

Today I was around the area of Pet Smart and I knew they had some yellow guppies. I had been meaning to replace Betty since she died, but I never did because I thought it would be improper to get another fish so quickly after her death.

I did some research on my snails to see what they were like, and apparently most people consider them pests. They spawn like crazy and overtake the tank if you let them. The snails usually come into fruition through live plants owners purchase and put in their tank. They hide like stowaways and then have hermaphroditic sex all over the place. I also learned that guppies fight when there’s overcrowding in the tank. Currently, Yu is attacking the shit out of Percy, my newly named yellow guppy. I feel sad for Percy. I thought the three of them were getting along, but Yu has been at it for the past hour. Yu’s also getting snippy with Oliver, but Oliver is a good boy and doesn’t really fight back. He’s definitely the more relaxed fish out of the pair.

Sadly, Percy has to hide in the lower, coach part of the tank while Yu and Oliver enjoy the richness of the top. In my attempt to appease their anger and violence, I considered sacrificing one of my ghost shrimp. None of the guppies ever bother the shrimp anymore, but hey, one less animal is one less animal right? More room in the tank for the guppies. I wasn’t sure about sacrificing a ghost shrimp though. People do eat tons of shrimp throughout their lifetime. Hell, we eat cows and chickens too. And they’ve gotta be more valuable than a ghost shrimp. But for some reason I just felt bad at the idea of killing him; flushing him down the big bowl of poopy death.

And so after a few minutes of consideration, I did it. I took the blue net, dived in and captured Biggie, the largest of the four. Maybe I shouldn’t have named him… He swam in the toilet water for a few seconds as I considered letting him swim throughout the night. If he could survive the toilet, then I’d put him back in the tank because he was a trooper. But then I realized my mom was still downstairs and likely to use the toilet. I could imagine the fit she’d have at the discovery of a shrimp swimming through her waste. And so I painfully flushed him down the toilet. He fought his way back while the water was circulating, but to no avail. Gone. Forever. Now there’s just Tiny. And two other ghost shrimp that I’ve yet to name. One is pregnant with eggs. I thought about calling her Preggers, but then I wouldn’t know what to call her once she gave birth. The other is just kind of… medium sized. There’s nothing particularly special about him.

Yu is still at it, attacking Percy and every so often Oliver if he gets in the way. I wonder if that’s how Betty died. The shrimp are much more civilized. They swim by each other and give a little nod. Sometimes sharing the same hiding spot. Or maybe they’re just scared to death of Yu. After all, he does think he’s the king of the tank. But we all know that Oliver is really the leader. Yu just has anger management issues.